Error Handling

Error Handling

there is a $error variable that has a default limit of 256 (defined by $MaximumErrorCount)

the most recent error will always be $error[0]

$error $error[0] $error.count

you can use –errorvariable on most cmdlets to define your own error variable

Get-WmiObject -Class win32_ComputerSystem -ErrorVariable $WMIError

$?                  #Was the last command successful true/false $LastExitCode       #error code returned by external command or script (ping blah)

Try Catch Finally

$foo = {} | Select Name, Ram, Tier $foo.Name = "test" $foo.Ram = 128 $foo.Tier = 0   $blah = $foo | select Name, @{Name="ratio";Expression= {         try {         ($_.Ram / $_.Tier)     }         catch [System.DivideByZeroException] {          "Please don’t divide by 0!"     }     finally {        # Cleanup     } }}   $blah