sublime text

hotkeys / key bindings

Movement / selection

ctrl+m           - Jump to matching bracket: 

ctrl+d - select word (repeat to select multiple)

ctrl+k,d - Skip and quick add next (very useful when selecting multiple words but want to skip a few)

ctrl+l - select liine

ctrl+shift+space - expand selection to scope (data between () or {} )

ctrl+shift+m     - expand selection to brackets

ctrl+shift+j     - expand selection to indentation

ctrl+shift+l - is used to split a selection into lines, and each line is then edited simultaneously.

ctrl+j to join lines

ctrl+f find

ctrl+h find / replace


ctrl+` to open console

find the command from something you run from the menu or check to see what a keybinding is currently used for


Preferences / Key Bindings - User


    { "keys": ["ctrl+k", "ctrl+s"], "command": "swap_case" },

    { "keys": ["ctrl+k", "ctrl+t"], "command": "title_case" }



Toggle spellcheck 



ctrl+k,ctrl+l - convert case to lower

ctrl+k,ctrl+u - convert case to upper

ctrl+k,ctrl+t - convert case to title

ctrl+k,ctrl+s - swap case


View / Groups

ctrl+k,ctrl+UP - move file to new group

ctrl+k,ctrl+DOWN - close group

ctrl+k,ctrl+RIGHT - move focus (cursor)

ctrl+k,ctrl+LEFT - move focus (cursor)

ctrl+1 - move focus (cursor) to Group 1

ctrl+2 - move focus (cursor) to Group 2