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Scheduled Scripts


Running script as a scheduled task

Important note from this article 
"If you have User Account Control (UAC) enabled, you may need to enable the option to Run with highest privileges "

Setting Task Priority

By default scheduled tasks have a priority of 7 "Low" you can not change this in the GUI 
  1. Export the Task to XML file
  2. Delete the Task
  3. Edit the XML file change priority from 7 to 6 "Normal"
  4. Import the XML file again to Task Scheduler

Script to migrate scheduled tasks from Windows XP/Server 2003 to 7/Server 2008


1. Run the script from the XP machine (in order to export the .job files, the schtasks commandline and the script itself) 
2. Run the script from the Windows 7 machine in order to copy the .job files, and run the XP schtasks command in order to "register" the files on the 7 machine 
#helper function 
function Browse-ForFolder($message){ 
    $shApp = New-Object -comObject Shell.Application 
    $folder = $shApp.BrowseForFolder(0,$message,0,0) 
    if ($folder -ne $null){ return $folder.self.path } 
$isXP=(gwmi Win32_OperatingSystem).Version.StartsWith("5") 
if ($isXP){   
    $folder=Browse-ForFolder "Select the destination folder for the backup" 
    if ($folder -ne $null){ 
        #copy all the .jobs files,the xp schtasks commandline and the script itself 
        copy "$env:SystemRoot\Tasks\*" -filter "*.job" -recurse -dest $folder 
        copy "$env:SystemRoot\system32\schtasks.exe" -Destination $folder 
        copy "$env:SystemRoot\system32\schedsvc.dll" -Destination $folder 
        copy $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path.ToString() -Destination $folder 
#on windows 7 machine 
    $folder=Browse-ForFolder "Select the source folder of the backup" 
    if ($folder -ne $null){ 
        #copy all the .jobs files to the c:\windows\task folder on the destination machine 
        copy "$folder\*" -filter "*.job" -recurse -dest "$env:SystemRoot\Tasks" 
        $credential = Get-Credential 
        # if non-domain credentials skip the backslash 
        if ($user.StartsWith("\")){ 
        $tasks=gci $folder -Filter "*.job" 
        foreach ($task in $tasks){ 
            #run the xp schtasks command in order to register the tasks on the windows 7 machine 
            #skip .job postfix and add quotation-marks 
            $taskName="'" + $task.Name.substring(0,$task.Name.Length-4) + "'"  
            $allArgs = @("/change", "/TN", "$taskName","/RU" , "$user" , "/RP" ,"$pw" ) 
            & "$folder\schtasks.exe" $allArgs