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esx netstat list open ports

esxcli network ip connection list




VAAI Plugin

Find Lock File

Determine which ESXi host has locked the file. • 
vmkfstools -D /vmfs/volumes/Shared/TestVM/TestVM-flat.vmdk"
The second line has the mac address after the word owner
you can run lsof | grep for the file once you are on the box and posibly kill the process but most likely you will need to reboot that host
lookup the mac address to determine what host is locking the file.
put host in maintenance mode (disable drs)
reboot host

Snapshot Consolidation error

An error occurred while consolidating disks: msg.disklib.CID_MISMATCH.
from esxi host cd to path of vm 
grep pattern filename in this case file name list is determined by another grep 
grep "CID=" `ls *.vmdk | grep -v 'delta\|flat'`

Validate CID and parentCID path is valid from the last snapshot up to the vm 

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