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Public Folders

Update Mail Enabled public folders with space in the alias

function Update-MailPublicFolder(
		[string] $inputstring=$(throw '$inputstring is required')
		$pubfolder=Get-MailPublicFolder "$inputstring"
		Set-MailPublicFolder $pubfolder.Name -Alias $pubfolder.WindowsEmailAddress.Local
        Get-MailPublicFolder $pubfolder.Name

Get-MailPublicFolder | select alias, WindowsEmailAddress
Get-MailPublicFolder | where {$_.alias -ne $_.WindowsEmailAddress.Local} | select alias, WindowsEmailAddress

Recover deleted public folders Exchange 2010 with ExFolders

  1. Open ExFolders on an exchange server
  2. Right click parent folder of the deleted public folder and click “Show deleted subfolders”
  3. Right click on the newly displayed deleted folder and select "Recover Folder"

Error adding "Send As" Permission to a public folder


Access is denied 
insufficient access rights


  1. Create a new public folder
  2. mail enable it
  3. test adding a user with send as permission


  1. Open ADSI Edit
  2. Expand the Domain \ Microsoft Exchange System Objects
  3. right click on the object select properties
  4. Select security
  5. click advanced 
  6. Select the owner tab
  7. change the owner to be the same as the owner of the test public folder you created.